The Club

Welcome to the Karachi Boat Club!

Established in 1881, the Karachi Boat Club is one of Pakistan’s most exclusive members-only clubs. The Club was originally established to facilitate rowing enthusiasts in Karachi. Whilst the Club has evolved its services and facilities over its 140-year history, it remains dedicated to spreading the sport of rowing throughout the city striving to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where young people may grow and flourish.

The club is situated on the scenic shores of Karachi Creek, which leads to the Arabian Sea. It is an idyllic setting for rowing and offers excellent views of the creek and mangroves.



Founded in 1881, Karachi Boat Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious rowing clubs in Pakistan. The club has a long history of rowing and building the rowing community in Karachi and Pakistan. Today, the club remains one of the most popular rowing clubs, with a strong junior program and a variety of rowing teams that compete at the highest level.

The club also organizes many local and international regattas, school rowing competitions and community events, such as open days and learn-to-row courses. These activities help to promote the sport of rowing and make it accessible to everyone in the community. With its rich history and commitment to excellence, Karachi Boat Club continues to be an important part of the rowing community in Pakistan and South Asia.



While remaining true to its Rowing heritage and culture, the Karachi Boat Club offers its members and their guests a range of facilities. The Club’s Catering Committee ensures a wide range of high-quality cuisines including Pakistani, BBQ, Continental, Japanese, fast-food offered in its four dining areas, each with its unique ambiance and atmosphere. Apart from Dining facilities the Club also offers its members other facilities and services including a modern swimming pool as well as gym facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and machines.

Invited Guests

Should you be using Karachi Boat Club facilities as a guest, the following information is a helpful guideline considering the club’s expectation of decorum, dress and protocol. Moreover, guests are required to be accompanied by a member at all times.